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Stäsh Bag! 

The Stäsh Bag can be used for more or less everything. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, make-up, and even electronics. 

Made from BPA & BPS-free platinum silicone the Stäsh bag can withstand high and low temperatures, water, and it´s completely airtight. It follows strict EU and Nordic food safety standards, and it´s made completely without unnecessary additives. 

The benefits. 

Our reusable and eco-friendly straws are carefully designed from high-quality materials. They have a polished layer on the inside to prevent any residue, and the end parts are rounded to make them safe for children to use.

More than 100 billion straws are discarded each year in the US and Europe alone. Think about what would happen if we used reusable drinking straws instead? The impact would be huge. 

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