What are the steel straws made from?

All Concept Zero steel straws are made 100% high-quality stainless steel. We use both SS304 steel - same as your cutlery and vessels - and SS316 steel - the same as surgical equipment. Both of which are rust-proof, BPA free, flavour free, and do not react with any liquids or foods, making them absolutely safe to use.

How many times can you reuse the straws?

Concept Zero Glass and Steel straws can be used endlessly. Since our bamboo straws are made from natural bamboo (free from any sketchy materials), they may absorb colour and blacken over time, but that takes a long time for that to happen.

Are the food lids eco-friendly and safe to use?

Silicone derives from a mix of sand and oxygen, and in comparison to plastics, our silicone is free from oil-based and toxic materials. It has an exceptionally long lifetime, can be reused endlessly and is food graded according to EU and Scandinavian standards (the strictest in the world). It is also 100% free from micro fragments, making sure that microplastics does not enter our oceans. We chose to use a BPA/BPS-free, platinum silicone simply because of its endless reusability, its air proof abilities, and simply because it is very easy to use and reuse (as well as dishwasher proof). Our silicone is a pure and food-safe material with no sketchy materials. We also produce our silicone food lids in a C02 neutral way as one of only a handful of brands worldwide.

How are the bamboo straws made? Are they sustainable?

Concept Zero bamboo straws are procured from 100% natural bamboo of a sustainably fast-growing bamboo species native to North East India. The branches are carefully selected, cut to size, boiled, cleaned, dried, and then sent to the various locations. The water used for cleaning the bamboo straws is then used to water the plants, thus minimizing wastage. Our bamboo grows in an area with no endangered animal or plant species. Besides, we only use the top part of the bamboo plant (above 5 meters) in our production to minimize the effect on the local biodiversity (as most animals solely depend on the bottom part of the bamboo trees).

The Concept Zero products are reusable - but are they hygienic?

Concept Zero glass and steel straws and silicone food lids are dishwasher safe, sterilization tank safe, and can withstand steam and high temperature of water, making them absolutely hygienic (if you wash them of course!). Our vegetable mesh bags and food-wraps can be washed in the washing machine. Beeswax is naturally an anti-bacterial material and can be easily cleaned with soap and cool water. The baking paper can be cleaned with soap and hot water. These processes will kill any residual bacteria, rendering them safe to use again. If you could reuse cutlery and glasses, why not reuse other household products? #postsingleusegeneration #zerowaste #scandinavian #conceptzeroco


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