Our story.

Based in Scandinavia, Concept Zero is leading a small revolution in everyday household products. Our careful selection of Zero-Waste products are all truly sustainable alternatives to single-use items. 

Concept Zeros is a young and dynamic company founded in 2018 by three environmentalists and designers, Sofie, Rakel, and Alex, from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 

Even though a Zero-Waste lifestyle will not solve the global sustainability-issues on its own, it is an important part of the sustainable revolution and the reduction of single-use products. We work hard to spread our products to as many people as possible, in order to make real impact on the reduction of single-use products. We are driven by far more than profit, which is important both for the planet and our community. 

Our products are used in households all over Scandinavia and Europe, from professional bakers and chefs to families and people using our products to make their daily life a bit easier, and a bit more sustainable.  


We believe in a revolution.

Zero-Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resources so that all products are reused. Our ultimate goal is to make the design of our products so simple and user-friendly that it makes sense for both you, your wallet, and the planet to use our products. 


Since many of our products are in direct contact with your food, we have guaranteed that they are all high quality, food graded, toxin-free, and allergy-friendly. We allow no sketchy materials or additives in our products - they are 100% pure. Our products are produced in a C02 neutral way and we follow strict Fair Trade guidelines throughout the whole supply chain. We also achieved one of the highest scores possible in the B Impact Assessment, evaluating our governance and impact on workers, community, and the environment. 


Our team owns 100% of Concept Zero. This enables us to prioritize more than just profit, and never to compromise on our strict ethical conducts. Together we can change the unnecessary consumption of single-use household products, and make them reusable, ethical, and sustainable! 

Our vision.

We envision to change and revolutionize the use of single-use products in households, and turn them reusable. We also make sure that our products sustainable and ethical - both when it comes to production, the production chain, and the environment.

For us, the sustainable revolution is not only about creating eco-friendly products. It is also about investing more time and resources in creating long term change. From our side, this requires prioritization of more than just profit, and by emphasizing local Fair Trade in materials we use in our products we contribute to higher welfare, where producers in the entire value chain get a fair share of the profit.


We also donate 5% of our profit to local educational projects in different parts of the world, aiming to inspire citizens of the future to be innovative, creative, and most importantly, to care for our planet. 


Alexander Bakke - Founder


The Team.

We are a small team with diverse backgrounds. Everything from business to ecology and design is present in our team, but most important, lots of inspiration and passion. 

Alexander Bakke

Sofie Brøgger


Design & Sales

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Sales & Marketing

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Design & Environment

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