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Paper = genius. 

With our high-quality baking sheet from recycled paper and a waterproof, non-toxic coating, we have replaced the single-use baking paper forever. Our baking sheet can be reused up to 2000 times so there is simply no need for single-use! 

Our baking sheet is food graded and is strictly certified by EU and Scandinavian standards. All our products are pure, safe, and BPA/BPS-free. 

The benefits. 

Our reusable and eco-friendly baking sheet is carefully designed from high-quality materials, with no unnecessary additives! In fact, we have avoided all sketchy additives such as chlorine, PCBs, and dioxins - materials that you find in normal single-use baking paper. 


Our reusable baking sheet is recommended by many professional bakers and can be used in temperatures up to 260°C. It is simply a genius alternative to single-use baking paper! 

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