New & Sustainable  


Based in Scandinavia, Concept Zero develops eco-friendly and reusable

alternatives to single-use products, in a responsible and innovative way. 

We design sustainable products inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, aiming to make it simple and convenient to live a zero-waste life. We aspire to replace single-use products, one by one, with reusable alternatives from high-quality and truly ethical materials, and good design.​

Even though we are Scandinavian, we love colours. We also love pure materials. All our products are guaranteed free from sketchy and environment harmful additives and materials. 

Ethics & sustainability. Two words so commonly used by corporates and brands that they are starting to lose their credibility. That´s why we have strict certifications, a radically different production inspired by circular economic models, and honest materials only, so that you know that we are serious about what we say. 

our mission is simple. it´s about making

products that are pure, honest, and reusable, 

in a CO2 neutral way. why? to make our

lives a bit easier, and a bit more sustainable.

No harmful chemicals. No animal testing.

All vegan. Certified organic. LFGB approved. 

This applies to both us and to every layer of our production, all the way to where we source our raw materials. 

We try to avoid packaging as much as possible. Several of our products are 100% package-free.


But sometimes it´s necessary.

And when it´s necessary we use recycled and strictly certified materials, as little print as possible, and a simple, Scandinavian design. 

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